Diagnostic self-test

FECOTEST® is a new medical device for the early detection of microscopic (= occult) blood in the stool, which can be an indication of bleeding polyps, potential precursors of bowel cancer.

It is a simple test, that delivers fast and reliable results, and can be used in an environment where you feel comfortable.

Moreover, FECOTEST® is affordable and available from pharmacies without a prescription.

Discover FECOTEST®

15% of bowel cancer patients are younger than 50.

Ensure your family's happiness, do the test if you are 45 or older

Early detection is the most effective means of fighting this disease.

Limit your risk, take the test

We can help you too.
Ask your pharmacist for advice.

Available without prescription

The bare facts
on bowel cancer in Belgium

A statistic that we can change together


new cases every day


deaths per day

Help us do something about it
use the hashtag!

Tie a knot in your toilet paper!
FECOTEST® can prevent a lot of sorrow.
Get the test before it's too late.
Tell your family and friends!

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We support NPO Stop Darmkanker (Stop Bowel Cancer). Dr Luc Colemont puts his motto "sharing knowledge can save lives" into practice every day by giving lectures at various locations.

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