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Colorectal cancer is a serious and frequently occurring disease. Early detection is the most effective means of fighting this disease. The FECOTEST® can spare you and those around you a great deal of sorrow. Inform your friends and family members, you can save their lives.

How does colorectal cancer occur

Polyps are small growths in the colon. They are usually benign and do not cause symptoms.

The progression from polyp to cancer is a very slow process. No one knows why they turn malignant. Polyps can be removed easily and painlessly during a coloscopic examination (coloscopy). The sooner this is done, the better.

Get tested in time

Some things feel embarrassing or are seen as a taboo. You'd rather not do them. But don't put off a useful test through shame or lack of time.

You can now do the simple self-test in the comfort of your home. It can eliminate your anxiety or serve as a timely warning of impending problems. Always consult your doctor if the test result is positive.

Simple, affordable and reliable

The test is very simple and hygienic. Anyone, young or old can take the test. The FECOTEST® is easy to get from your pharmacist. And it only costs €19.95.

The test is very reliable so you can spare yourself a great deal of sorrow, especially with repeated use. Timely detection of bowel cancer is now within reach.

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Inform family, friends and acquaintances, because sharing knowledge saves lives.

Far too many people die of bowel cancer. Together we can beat this disease.

Use the hashtag #knoopdoetleven and spread the message.

The bare facts
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A statistic that we can change together


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Tie a knot in your toilet paper!
FECOTEST® can prevent a lot of sorrow.
Get the test before it's too late.
Tell your family and friends!

Find out more

We support NPO Stop Darmkanker (Stop Bowel Cancer). Dr Luc Colemont puts his motto "sharing knowledge can save lives" into practice every day by giving lectures at various locations.

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